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Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

CNDH aspires to collectively advocate for the design and development of AI systems based on a human rights approach

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Business and multinational companies

Business and multinational companies: Mrs. Bouayach calls for developing an African roadmap to protect Human Rights (Ghana)

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Abolition of the Death Penalty

CNDH reaffirms its firm position against the death penalty and for the right to life

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Training Session for Officials in Charge of Guarding Persons in DGSN Custody

Ms. Amina Bouayash notes the significant international interest given to the CNDH-DGSN strategic partnership

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Training sessions on human rights and civic participation

Young people from all regions in Morocco benefited from training sessions on human rights and civic participation

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Emerging Cities in Morocco

We seek, along with partners and stakeholders, to achieve territorial justice and make cities human rights enabling- environment, stated Ms. Bouayach

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Marrakech Declaration for Preventing Torture in Africa

Marrakech Declaration for Preventing Torture in Africa: Establishment of African NPMs Network

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African NPMs

High-level international conference on the practices of national mechanisms for the prevention of torture in Africa

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