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Opening lesson on the situation of the rights of persons with disability

Persons with disabilities situation still indicates the widening gap between recognizing their rights and effectiveness, says Mrs. Amina Bouayach

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GANHRI Bureau Meeting

Marrakech: Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions Bureau Meeting

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Mrs. Bouayach participated in the UN international Meeting on the Death Penalty

Mrs. Amina Bouayach highlights the national plea in New York and calls on Morocco to vote for the UN resolution to moratorium on the use of the death penalty

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9th Session of the CNDH General Assembly

CNDH General Assembly held its Ninth Session (14-15 October 2022)

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Memorandum of Understanding

CNDH and the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Mali sign Memorandum of Understanding

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Closing ceremony of the training session for officials in charge of places of deprivation of liberty

Mrs. Bouayach underlines the importance of the interaction with the DGSN at the closing ceremony of the training session for officials in charge of places of deprivation of liberty

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Inclusion of foreigners in the social security system

Mainstreaming social security is based on solidarity and non-discrimination principles, Mrs. Amina Bouayach

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International Seminar on the Prevention of Torture

International Seminar on Standards and Practices Relating to the Prevention of Torture During Arrest, Hearing and Custody

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Principles on Effective Interviewing for Investigations and Information Gathering

Juan Méndez: "Not only is it possible to conduct effective interviews without violating human rights but there are more effective ways of reaching the truth"

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