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Mr. Albert Sasson

Born in 1935 in Rabat.

Mr. Sasson was the first Moroccan to pass the aggregation examination at the Paris University (sciences). From 1963 to 1969, he held the post of Dean of the Rabat Faculty of Sciences, where he took an active part in the training of professors of natural sciences. He contributed also to a wide programme of teaching biology in Africa, under the auspices of the UNESCO.

As of 1974, and without losing touch with scientific issues, Mr. Sasson led a fruitful carrier at the UNESCO. In 1988, he managed the Bureau of Programme Planning, then in 1990 the Bureau of Studies, Programming and Evaluation.

Three years later, he was appointed Assistant of Director General of this Organization, then he held the post of Special Advisor to Director General, Federico Mayor.

In 1990, he was appointed as a CCDH member. Afterwards, he was nominated member of the Académie Hassan II des sciences et techniques (Hassan II Academy for Sciences and Techniques). At the end of 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, Mr. Sasson held the post of Vice President of the Comité de la communauté Juive (Jew Community Committee) of Rabat. He is also member of the Moroccan Conseil des communautés juives (Council for Jew Communities).

Since 1976, he has joined the “Identité et dialogue”, an association of Jews of Moroccan origin living in France, whose main objective is to contribute to the establishment of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

He published many scientific works, including “Biologie : défis et promesses”, translated into several languages, “Le Rôle des micro-organismes dans la biosphère et l’avenir de la microbiologie appliquée”, “Quelles biotechnologies pour les pays en voie de développement ? ” and “Nourir demain les hommes”.