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Laayoune: Training workshop on human rights for HR actors in Southern Provinces

The Regional Human Rights Commission of Laayoune-Smara organizes, in partnership with the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, a human rights training workshop for the members of the Commission and human rights NGOs working in the Southern Provinces, from the 6th to 10th of May, 2013 in Laayoune.

This session is held in implementation of the vision of the Commission that’s keen and eager to help the different actors grasp the concepts of human rights. It is, also, held in line with the Commission’s annual plan of action and its efforts to promote the culture of human rights.

The session with highlight the values and principles of human rights and building knowledge of and understanding international human rights standards and the regional, national and international protection mechanisms.

The workshop will evoke issues related to peace, democracy, development, social justice and women’s rights, as they are provided for in the regional and international instruments of human rights. It will also shed light on the role of civil society in awareness-raising and building common understanding, in order to strengthen commitment to human rights, in theory and practice.

The training seeks to help targeted groups grasp human rights and encourage them to root and apply them in their work. It will help participants stimulate change and provide them with the tools to understand, call for and defend human rights, not to mention increasing knowledge about human rights and the related mechanisms and standards.

The workshop’s program revolves around several points: Human rights terms and concepts, the United Nations’ system for the protection of human rights, international human rights protection mechanisms, the international humanitarian law, the international conventions on women’s rights and the rights of the child, the UN Human Rights Council, the role of the (Moroccan) National Human Rights Council in the protection of human rights and the Universal Periodic Review.