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INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR Impunity and discrimination: gender-based violence in Morocco

The National Human Rights Council and the Moroccan Spring of Dignity Coalition (a Coalition of 23 NGOs) organize an international seminar on impunity and discrimination: gender-based violence in morocco, on Thursday, 30 Jan. 2014, in Rabat.  

The seminar aims to shed light on and support the current process of the elaboration and adoption of a law to combat gender-based violence, in accordance with international definitions and standards. It also aims to analyze how violence against women is addressed in the national legal framework and identify gaps and limitations in terms of punishment, protection and prevention of gender-based violence.

It will also be an opportunity to exchange lessons learned about mobilizations and international experiences in the fight against gender based violence impunity. It will discuss three main points; the current situation of gender-based violence in practice and in legislation; international experiences in combating gender-based violence: prevention and protection; and the fight against gender-based violence in Morocco: current projects and visions. A roundtable for parliamentarians from the different political trends is scheduled on the sideline of the seminar as well.

Experts and civil society, institutional and political stakeholders concerned are invited to take part in this seminar. Ms Rachida Manjou, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, and Ms Marie-Laurence Sranon Sossou, Minister of Family, Social Affairs, National Solidarity, Persons with Disabilities and Older People of Benin, and Ms Gordana Gasmi, Expert at the Council of Europe will also take part in this international gathering for the fight against gender-based discrimination.

.The opening sessions will be held at 9:00 a.m., at Tour Hassan Hotel, Rabat