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Enriching and stimulating thought and dialogue on human rights and democracy

The promotion of the culture of human rights is one of the main objectives of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH). The Council is mandated, by virtue of its founding law, to encourage and stimulate thought and dialogue on human rights and democracy.
Activities and events
The Council organizes national, regional and international meetings and forums on human rights to enrich and stimulate dialogue and debate on human rights, their evolution and their perspectives. It also contributes to creating communication and dialogue networks among national and foreign similar institutions.
Elections observation
CNDH also contributes to strengthening democracy building in Morocco. It helps promote pluralistic societal dialogue and provide appropriate means and mechanisms to this effect, including through the observation of elections.
The former Advisory Council on Human Rights had observed the 2007 parliamentary elections and 2009 municipal elections. After its creation in March 2011, CNDH observed the constitutional referendum of July 2011 and the parliamentary elections of November 2011.
National Human Rights Award 
To encourage all kind of initiatives aiming to promote human rights and contribute to the efforts made in this regard, be it at the national, regional or international level, the Council may award a National Human Rights Award to any deserving person or body.
The decision to award this prize is motivated by the distinctiveness, depth, creativity and sense of commitment of the competing works, studies, scientific researches or development initiatives, or the candidates’ distinguished positions in favour of the protection and promotion of human rights.
The Award is given, in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the Council’s Rules of Procedure, to national or foreign dignitaries or institutions during the Council’s human rights forums.