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Contributions of Moroccan Women to Truth, Equity and Reconciliation Process

In commemoration of International Women's Day and the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER), the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) will celebrate the contributions of Moroccan women to the process of truth, equity and reconciliation, on Friday 8 March 2024, at 10 am at the CNDH headquarters in Rabat, Morocco.

This event will include testimonies from former victims, their families or their rightful claimants, besides following up on the IER’s actions.

Participants will visit the photo exhibition featuring the IER experience and documenting the contributions of Moroccan women, including women’s writings on prison literature, and paintings and works of art created by young women and men, including persons with disabilities.

Within the same context, the CNDH will pay tribute to one of the staff for her remarkable services and her ongoing support for former victims or their rightful claimants.