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CNDH launches the Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER)


20 Years of Truth, Equity and Reconciliation

Commemorating a Milestone and a Process


In 2024, the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER), a significant milestone in Morocco’s journey toward equity, justice and structural reforms. The activities planned for this commemoration will kick off on Friday, January 26, 2024, at 4:30 pm at the Council’s headquarters in Rabat, Morocco, with an exhibition featuring photos and videos of the IER and the Committee in charge of following up to the implementation of its recommendations.

“The IER is one of the key turning points in Morocco’s contemporary history. It is a unique and pioneering experience, distinguished by its contextual relevance, approaches, components, significations and impact“; “it stands out within comparative transitional justice experiences, as it was driven by the will of both the state and society." "Today, we celebrate not only a milestone but also a journey of reforms and social dynamics that society has successfully realized," Ms. Amina Bouayach, CNDH Chairperson.

Through this transitional justice experience, recognized as a reference by various countries and organizations, Morocco has successfully crafted a distinctive and innovative model in the regional landscape. The country conducted a profound examination of its history, transforming it into a driving force that shapes its future. Many milestones have been achieved over the past two decades, including the reparation of victims and their families, the constitutional revisions incorporating the IER’s recommendations, upholding principles of equity and justice, safeguarding archives and memory and establishing constitutional guarantees for non-repetition. Efforts extended to implementing a new concept of security governance, restructuring the judiciary and establishing measures to prevent torture. These achievements have been driven by a forward-looking vision that defined the broader context of the national transitional justice experience, and more specifically, the experience of the IER.

Through this year-long commemoration, CNDH aims to highlight this experience and its impact on consolidating democracy and the rule of law in Morocco, and underscore Morocco’s enduring commitment to advancing human rights. The celebration will encompass a rich and varied program, highlighting the depth and impact of this experience through main themes such as memory and history, reports and publications, documentary presentations, as well as artistic, cultural and academic events, all designed to resonate at regional, national, and international levels.