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The Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity

The CCDH and the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity signed an agreement, under which the Ministry is committed to:

- Take care of the regions involved in the IER recommendations: Figuig, Errachidia, Zagoura, Ouarzazate, Tan Tan, Khemisset, Nador, Khenifra, Hay Mohammadi-Ain Sebaa, Azilal, al-Houceima, in the programs launched by the Ministry and its institutions;

- Enhance the infrastructure and human resources of the Ministry’s institutions in the regions concerned; - Support the social projects meant in these regions for women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities;

- Contribute to supporting associations and to enhancing the capacities of social stakeholders in these regions;

- Set up centers to enhance the capacities of women and train women leaders;

- Contribute to the preservation of the collective memory by naming some of the Ministry’s institutions in these regions after symbolic figures;

- Draw up programs and awareness raising activities on human rights conventions related to women, children and persons with disabilities;

- Support the projects of local coordination bodies of the community reparation program and conclude partnerships with local social stakeholders;

- Give priority to the communities of the regions concerned in the conventions on international cooperation signed between the Ministry and its partners.

The CCDH undertakes to:

- Mobilize additional partnerships to support the programs outlined;

- Conduct studies and submit proposals on projects likely to promote the regions concerned;

- Collect data and draw up reports on the implementation of various programs;

- Organize training sessions for the executives of the Ministry and its partners in the human rights approach;

- Hold seminars and events in partnership with the Ministry to disseminate the human rights values.