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The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Staff Training, and Scientific Research

1- Agreement on community reparation program

This agreement gives a particular attention to the areas of the Community Reparation Program in the programs of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions. It aims to reinforce school infrastructures and human resources, support schooling and primary education, fight school-leaving, enhance the illiteracy fighting programs, consider possibilities to create university centers in some of these areas, grant more high education scholarships to the students of these areas, contribute to the writing of the history of these areas in terms of gross human rights violations, integrate this history in the regional curricula, preserve memory and support the activities of the Community Reparation program’s local coordination units.

Within this framework, the efforts of the two parties will focus on:

- Mobilizing additional partnerships to support the programs outlined;

- Carrying out studies and submitting proposals likely to ensure reparation in the regions covered by community reparation;

- Collecting data and information, and drawing up general and synthetic reports on the implementation of various programs;

- Organizing training sessions in the human rights approach for the executives of the Ministry in these regions;

- Providing education institutions in these regions with human rights documents;

- Organizing seminars and events to disseminate the values and principles of human rights.


Date of signature: December 23, 2008.


2- Agreement on the promotion of human rights in the education system

This agreement which was signed by the CCDH and the Ministry aims to promote human rights in the education system, in their pedagogic and cultural dimensions.

Under this agreement, the two parties undertake to incorporate human rights in all school levels, and in regular and irregular education through various components and channels of education, and through all educational and training activities.