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Mr. M’Barek Bouderka

Born in 1948 in Ida ou Gnidif (Ait Baha).

Mr. M’barek Bouderka, also known as Abbas, studied in Meknès, Salé, Algiers then in Rabat. He worked as a lawyer for the cabinet of the late Abderrahim Bouabid in Rabat.

Mr. Bouderka, a political refugee abroad from 1973 to 2001, is the founding member of the “Cercle des Amis de Bahi” Association (1996), founding member of the French-based “Rassemblement des Exilés politiques Marocains” (Group of Moroccan political refugees) (1992) and member of the Founding Congress of the Arab Organization for Human Rights (1987).

He is also a founding member of the French-based Arab Organization for Human Rights (1985) and of the Mediterranean Research and Studies Centre (1980).

Mr. Bouderka is an active member at the Association de l’enseignement et de la formation des Travailleurs Immigrés (Association for teaching and training immigrant workers) (1975) and founding member of the Association des parents et amis des disparus au Maroc (Association of parents and friends of the missing persons in Morocco) (1975). In 1974, he was coordinator of the Organisation Sociale des réfugiés Marocains en Algérie et en Libye (Social Organization of Moroccan refugees in Algeria and Libya). Mr. Bouderka was also a member of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER).