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Mr. Faiçal El Khatib

Born in 1939 in Tétouan.

Mr. Faïçal Al Khatib, lawyer, is holder of a BA in law (1963).

He was the President of the bar of Tangier from 1975 to 1977.

Mr. Al Khatib has been a member of the Party of Istiqlal (Independence Party) since 1956 and a member of the National Council of this party since 1962 and of its Central Committee since 1965.

He is also a founding member of the National Union of the Students of Morocco (UNEM) and the Moroccan League of Defence of Human Rights (LMDDH).

As a Member of Parliament representing Tétouan (1977-1983), he headed the parliamentary group of the Party of Istiqlal (1981-1983).

Mr. Al Khatib has been a CCDH member since its creation in 1990. He took part in several international meetings on human rights.