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Mr. Driss Ajbali

Born on October 28th, 1955 in Casablanca.

Mr. Ajbali, who studied sociology, accumulated a long experience in the field of immigration, suburbs and violence. he lives and works in Strasbourg where he received his university studies.

Mr. Ajbali, a CCDH member since 2002, is very active in the associative field. He was director of a social and cultural centre for a decade, before heading, for ten years, the French-based Comité d’action en faveur des immigrés (Committee of action in favour of the immigrants), set up in 1952.

Mr. Driss Ajbali published a work entitled “Violence et immigration” and co-signed, with Daniel Riot, an essay on the fear of the immigrant in Europe, entiltled “Ben Laden n’est pas dans l’ascenseur”.

Currently, Mr. Driss Ajbali is a columnist at the French-speaking “Aujourd’hui le Maroc” newspaper.

Mr. Ajbali is married and father of two children.