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Mr. Abdelkader El Alami

Mr. Abdelkader El Alami

Born in 1950 in Chefchaouen.
Mr. Alami is holder of a BA in legal sciences from the Rabat Faculty of Law in 1972, then three certificates of higher studies (DES) in civil law (1976), in business law (1977) and private law (1986).
He started his professional carrer as a deputy administrator at the judiciary agency at the Ministry of Finance (1973). After having been attached to the office of the Ministry of Housing and Territory Development (1977), Mr. Alami held the post of deputy director at the Entraide nationale chargé de l’action sociale, national organization in charge of social action, (1981). This position made it possible for him to take part in the development and the follow-up of social development projects under the supervision of the Entraide nationale and in collaboration with the USAID, the Japanese Peace Corps and the English charity “Save the Children”.
Mr. Alami was elected on behalf of Morocco as Vice President of the International Union of Family Organizations (1982-1986) and as President of the Arab Family Organization (1983-1988).
He participated also in the drafting of the first project of Universal Declaration of Family Rights under the aegis of the UN Economic and Social Council.
Mr. Alami was elected member of the central office of the Moroccan League for Defence of Human Rights (LMDDH) in 1980, then its Secretary General in 1980, and finally its President in 2006.
He wrote several articles and carried out many studies. He published also a number of Arabic works including:

- حقوق الإنسان بين النظرية و التطبيق (1986) “Human rights, theory and practice”

- (1996) هاجس التغيير الديمقراطي “Preoccupation about democratic change”

- الفقر أي وسائل لمواجهته. (2002) “Means of facing poverty”

- (2006) في الثقافة السياسية الجديدة “About new political culture”.