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Mrs. Amina Lemrini El Ouahabi

Mrs. Amina Lamrini Ouahabi is holder of a PhD (doctorat d’État) in sciences of education.

Mrs. Lamrini, a leading human rights activist, is among the founding members of the Democratic Association of Women of Morocco (ADFM) and the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH).

She is very active within the Moroccan movement for women’s emancipation and interested in questions related to childhood.

Mrs. Amina Lamrini undertook also studies on textbooks and culture of human rights as well as on discrimination against women.

She published a pedagogic guidebook on education for rights of the child and wrote articles and publications on questions related to women’s emancipation including, “L’image de la femme dans le discours scolaire ” and “Femmes et développement humain : cas du Maroc ”.

Mrs. Lamrini Ouahabi is mother of two children.