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Casablanca-Settat Region: Conference on Young People and New Development Model

The Regional Human Rights Commission of the Casablanca-Settat Region (CRDH), in partnership with the Moroccan Center for Youth and Democratic Transitions, is organizing a conference on "Youth and the New Development Model: Cross-Readings", on Saturday 4 June  2022, at 3 pm, at the CRDH headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco.

This conference is part of the implementation of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) general strategy based on the effectiveness of human rights in public policies. It is also part of the implementation of the CRDH annual action plan.

It aims to shed light on the strategic directions drawn by the New Development Model General Report in its relationship to the economic, social and cultural rights of young people and to interact with this group at the regional level. It also intends to implement the principle of active participation of youth in developing relevant public policies.

This conference reflects the importance of this issue to the CNDH and its Regional Commissions.

Mr. Mounir Bensalah, CNDH Secretary-General, representatives of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication and the Council of the Casablanca-Settat Region, as well as a group of academics, researchers and civil society actors will take part in this conference.

Contact: +212666015907