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Mr. Mounir Bensalah, Secretary General of the CNDH


Mr. Mounir Bensalah, was appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Council. He is an engineer. He studied at Mohammadia School of Engineering (EMI) in Rabat in 2002. At the age of 40 years old, he has accumulated more than 17 years of professional experience in management and structuring projects and operational units with several Moroccan and multinational as well as businesses.
Mr. Bensalah was an active member of numerous working groups, and has been engaged in advocacy and mobilization related to human rights and freedoms both in Morocco and at regional and international level. In 2005, Mr. Bensalah co-chaired the Congress of the Association of Engineers of the Mohammadia School of Engineering.
From 2006 to 2018, he held several positions within the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights (OMDH). Mounir Bensalah was one of the leaders of the 20 February movement. In 2013, he created the association "Anfass Democratic Movement", which he chaired until 2018.
Mr. Bensalah was a member of the Regional Commission of Human Rights of Casablanca-Settat from 2011 to 2018. He is the author of several articles and studies: Réseaux sociaux et révolutions arabes (Social networks and Arab revolutions?) in 2012 and “Railway Information Modeling RIM - The Track to Rail Modernization” in 2019. 
Mr. Bensalah is married and has a daughter.