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President of Argentina met CNDH Chairperson prior to the Third World Forum on Human Rights Opening Ceremony

The official residence of the President of Argentina (Casa Rosada)

Mr. Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, met with Ms. Amina Bouayach, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), on Monday 20 March 2023, at the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, prior to the launch of the Third World Forum on Human Rights.

President of Argentina met with CNDH Chairperson in a special ceremony, along with several high-level personalities known at the national level and Latino-American.

President of Paraguay and former Presidents of countries neighboring Argentina, including Colombia, Bolivia, etc., former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero, and the continental coalition of lawyers … also took part in this ceremony.

The echoes left by the Rabat World Human Rights Pre-forum (February 2023), particularly in Argentina and the Latino-American region, were recognized as successful, according to several sources in Argentina.

The Rabat Pre-Forum highlighted the roles of the countries of the South in developing human rights concepts and contributing to their consolidation in international forums. It also hosted stakeholders from various regions, continents, international bodies and organizations.

The Pre-Forum held in the Moroccan Capital of Lights (Rabat) succeeded in encouraging international participation in the Third World Forum on Human Rights in Buenos Aires.

CNDH Chairperson leads a human rights delegation including actors at the national (Morocco), regional (African and Arab) and international levels to promote universal advocacy for protecting human rights during a week full of debates, working sessions, manifestations and meetings.

Download the Rabat World Human Rights Pre-Forum proceedings